Dignity/Chicago welcomes all families, including same-gendered parents and their children and GLBT people and their parents. We are proud to offer various services for families such as a nursery for toddlers and infants, sacraments such as a baptism and communion, and union ceremonies.

Union Cermonies, Baptism, Confirmation and Reconciliation

Dignity/Chicago affirms the sacramental character of same-sex committed relationships and sponsors union ceremonies for members.  Because sacraments are best celebrated in the context of a faith community, asks that those wishing to celebrate a union ceremony are members of Dignity/Chicago for no less than one year prior to the ceremony, participate regularly (at least once per calendar month) in the Sunday celebration of Eucharist, and participate in Dignity/Chicago's program of preparation for couples.  Dignity/Chicago also offers the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Reconcilation to the community.

Ceremonies may be celebrated at Broadway United Methodist Church or another site chosen by the couple.  A couple wanting to celebrate a union ceremony identifies a sponsoring couple in the community. The couple preparing to celebrate their union, their sponsoring couple, and a priest meet to discuss the couple's history, dynamics of committed relationships, and issues of concern to the couple. The director for liturgy is also available for assistance in planning the ceremony.

We believe that families are life affirming and we provide a safe and welcoming space for families to practice their faith.