The Beloved

Submitted by barbara on Mon, 04/20/2015 - 11:15

For all of us who feel, for whatever reason, that we have been rejected, excluded from God’s favors, or simply called ‘other.’ Whether we’re ministers or ministered to, we are the Beloved of God, we pray ...
Thank, You, God, for making Your realm, is so vast, that no one can be left outside. You do not reject us; You do not expel us; You embrace us day in and day out.
You are infinite Spirit, so You fill us with joy.
You are pure Love, so we are never forgotten or marginalized in Your eyes.
You are divine Principle, so we live with Your justice.
You are abundant Life, so You enable us to thrive on your goodness.
You are perfect Mind, so you guide us forward wisely.
You are living Truth, so lies and cruelty flee before your light.
You are gentle Soul, assuring each of us of our worth.
Thank You for sending Your beloved Son who has taught us the meaning of Your unconditional love. Through his willingness to forgive, we are learning to forgive. Through his healing of our wounds and sorrows, we are able to minister to others. Through his acts of grace, we discover grace within us.
We lift our prayer for those who think they pushed us out. They are the ones who need Your love the most, because their eyes are not yet open to the depth of Your love. We need not fear their power, because it vanishes before Your presence. Fear has nothing more to say, as jealousy, selfishness, and greed dissolve in Your grace. You welcome us all – the weak and strong – only to find our weaknesses flee, and our strength comes only from you. Our arms open wide to embrace the ministers and ministered to, because You embrace us day in and day out.