Our Lady of the May

Submitted by barbara on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 18:28
My life appears before me as if in a haze.
Because I am, 
I come from God.
I see miracles everywhere I set my gaze.
Born to the earth through a woman who gave birth.
Divine and human am I. 
My feet touch the ground. 
My spirit lights up the sky with joy and mirth.
For every nurturing thought.
For all the days she's been with me
And all the times I forgot.
For every time I have been fed, clothed and taught.
Thank you for birthing me to all that I smell, touch, feel and see.
Thank you, mother of mine.
Thank you mother earth for the land, sea and sky.
Thank you mother within, for teaching me how to be free.
By Barbara Zeman
© 2015