Submitted by barbara on Wed, 07/01/2015 - 12:08

Freedom is not a place or a notion.
It doesn't hold weight or have time.
It begins as a seed and grows
Into a vast overwhelmingly deep ocean.
Freedom laps at the shore of discontent
And dissolves fear in its wake.
It rises up on life's storm ridden sea
Making waves wherever it's sent. 
Freedom flows by everyone's door
Hearing the deaf, seeing the blind, and
Speaking truth to all who will listen
As it seeps in through the cracks in the floor.
Freedom feels good and scares to death.
It's as sure as day follows night
And as elusive as
Taking the next breath.
Freedom is a call from within to let go
Be guilt ridden no more.
Become who you are
Reap what you sow.
Freedom awakens those who fall prey
To a light, Divine, seated within
Breeding strength and courage
In all that choose it along the way.
Freedom lets go without commotion.
It contains no thing.
Freedom begins where it ends
and holds love in the motion.
So BE it
By Barbara Zeman 
© 2015